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  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, We have delivery services available. Please call us for a quote based on the distance of your delivery.
  • Do you offer tastings?
    We provide tastings for guests who are looking to purchase a three tiered cake or more (see tastings under the Specialty Cakes tab). If what you were looking to purchase does not qualify, you are always welcome to come in and try our cupcakes ($3.50 ea.). They are a perfect product to give you a true representation of what your cake would taste like.
  • I have a cartoon character that I would like to add to the decoration of my cake. Is this something you can do?
    If your character or logo is copyrighted, we cannot reproduce that. That being said, we certainly can make the whole background theme of your cake and you can purchase the characters and logos from stores like Amazon and we can afix them to your cake.
  • I don’t see what I am looking for on your menu! Does that mean I can’t get it?
    Not necessarily. Please call us with special orders, often times we can accommodate.
  • Do you offer wholesale products?
    Yes, we do! Typically reserved for restaurants, Sweet Somethings has a line of wholesale products available for purchase.Please call for details! *Purchase requirements must be met*
  • Do you offer curbside or contactless pickup?
    Yes! Please call ahead so we can prepare your order and have it ready when you arrive.
  • Do your products need to be refrigerated?
    For the most part, yes. Some poundcakes, coffee cakes, and cookies that may be unrefridgerated for a few days but in general our products do need to remain cold. However, we do recommend most of our products be taken out of refrigeration an hour or so prior to eating to allow them to come to room temperature.
  • Do you except EBT for payment?
    Unfortunately, we do not at this time.
  • I need to order something for tomorrow! Is that enough time?
    We require a minimum of three days notice to produce anything custom or specific. However, we do have cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and many other items available for immediate purchase in our showcase! Just come in to see what our selection is for the day. We can even write on your cake should you require, at no additional charge.
  • Your website says a minimum of 4 days notice is required for all specialty cakes. Why can't you make my cake when I called over a week in advance?
    While we only need a week to produce a cake, it doesn't mean that we are not already booked in advance. We hate saying no to our guests, but there are many times of the year where we become too busy to accomidate all requests while maintaining our quality standards. We appreciate your understanding!
  • Why can't I order less than six cupcakes, tarts, and other small desserts?"
    Unfortunately, it would be impossible to make only one or two of each item with the large volume of orders we have on a regular basis. Our baking team would never get the job done. You are always welcome to stop by and pick up individual items from the very large selection of desserts in our showcase!
  • Do you have any gluten-free products? What if I have Celiac disease?
    Yes, we have several Gluten Free options available! While we take great care in cleaning our tables and machinery between products, we are still a bakery that utilizes a lot of wheat based flour. If your situation is life-threatening we do not recommend eating our products.
  • Do you have any nut-free options? What if I have a nut allergy?
    Sweet Somethings produces a great many items with no nuts whatsoever! However please be mindful that we do use nuts on a regular basis and there are often products containing nuts in our showcase in close proximity to desserts that do not. Please use your best judgment when purchasing our desserts.
  • Do you have eggless cakes?
    Not at this time.
  • Do you offer sugar-free products?
    Not at this time.
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